Live Local Organic started in 2013 with a simple idea in mind: everyone deserves access to high quality, local, and organic herbs and produce all year round.

But how do you do that in an urban environment in the Pacific Northwest?

One of the main problems farmers that wish to grow year round face in the NW is weather. It makes it even harder if farmers wish to grow organic herbs and produce because for many of them, it simply isn't feasible to set aside their land for three years to assure that it meets USDA Certification standards.

We solved these problems through urban farming and using an ancient process called “aquaponics.”


We believe in doing what is best for the planet.

Aquaponics is an innovative yet ancient process that involves combining aquaculture (the raising of fish) and hydroponics (the soilless growing of plants). In aquaponics, plants are grown in harmony with fish, with the fish providing fertilizer for the plants, and the plants purifying the water for the fish. Growing with aquaponics, if done correctly; can produce faster growth rates, higher yields, and 100% chemical free and organic produce.

Our aquaponics system closely replicates nature in an indoor environment. This allows us to locally supply otherwise out-of-season produce all year round. Additionally, all our herbs and produce are grown from organic seeds without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.

Our process also uses only 5% of the water of traditional farming, and only 10% of the land of conventional farming; and has absolutely no negative effect on the surrounding natural habitat.

Aquaponics Process.png

Joel Kelly

Founder and COO


Theo Andone

Product Specialist


Kevin Kelly

Director of Finance


Jimmy McGinley

Product Specialist


Jared Vorvick

Director of Marketing

Our mission is simple: Provide the best quality organic herbs and produce to our local community, to do so sustainably, and to do it with transparency.

Highest quality for our local community

We want our communities to have access to the highest quality herbs and produce every day of the year. That will always be our mission. That’s why if you ever buy any kind of Live Local Organic herbs or produce that you aren’t satisfied with, we invite you to come to our farm and we’ll replace for free, plain and simple.

Reshaping business

We want to reshape the mindset of business in the United States by building sustainable systems that focus on more than just the bottom line. Profits are essential for a successful business; however, solely focusing on profits and efficiency can lead companies to not only compromise quality, but to even partake in unethical business practices.

We feel that if we invest in our people, in ethical and environmentally friendly practices, and in being a sustainably minded company, the benefits are endless. Profit is the goal of any business, but in our minds, doing the right thing is what really counts.

Transparent farming

We want people to know how their food is being made, period. That is why we invite all our customers to come tour our farm.

We have had enough of farmers putting who-knows-what into crops that ship thousands of miles before they end up on the shelf. It’s time for producers to be accountable to their customers. In order to do that, we believe customers need to know-or at least have the ability to know-who their farmer is. It just makes sense. So come by and meet us, we’d love to show you around!